What is Unity Prayer Radio?

Unity Prayer Radio is a 24/7 continuous spiritual prayer station that offers a non-denominational approach, catering to various different religious faiths. We provide a wide variety of faith-based content to support you on your spiritual journey and promote peace and understanding in the world through our diverse programming.


How can I tune in to Unity Prayer Radio?

You can tune in to Unity Prayer Radio 24/7 through our website, where you can listen to our continuous spiritual prayer station from anywhere in the world.


Is Unity Prayer Radio free to listen to?

Yes, Unity Prayer Radio is completely free to listen to. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to find comfort and peace through spiritual prayer, which is why we provide our programming at no cost.


Can I submit my own prayer requests to Unity Prayer Radio?

Yes, we welcome prayer requests from our listeners. You can submit your own prayer requests through our website, and our dedicated team will include them in our prayers.

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